Since childhood, everything has called and inspired me: a line of light, a color, a tree, a note, a dewdrop, a Mexican market. It is the soul of the world that slips through things and invites me into the dance. Then I follow it! And in these worlds behind the world, all unfolds to infinity. 

It was there that I learned to listen, feel, heal, see potential, seek origin and create other worlds.

On a canvas as in life, I experiment as a free spirit. I have done theatre, studied political science, worked in advertising, raised a family, painted, healed and traveled all over the world to learn and practice the art of dreaming. All that made my spirit rejoice. 

It always seemed to me that reality was built on the power of imagination. Its only limits created by the mind. It is much more fluid than it seems. Everything is possible, everything can be created, changed. 

Today, my goal is to go ever further in the imaginary and ever deeper in the human being. 

The common thread in everything I do is to open spaces where the mind can reconnect to its essence, expand beyond the known, realize undreamed-of  possibilities and create new realities.