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The creative dream

Cast off to welcome and share the greatest version of yourself in the spiritual and artistic heart of the Isle of the Gods!

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10 days of inspiration and creation

Through the healing and transforming power of dreams and art, in the magic of Bali, regain your inner power, develop your connection to the source and express your creativity and unique vision with other inspired dreamers-creators!




2019 - dates to be defined

Welcome to the Creative Dream tribe!


Dreaming is far from being a passive act. When we sleep, we are awakened elsewhere in alternative realities. Our dreams tell us the natural flow of our energy beyond our limiting thoughts and beliefs.

They contain essential keys to remember our sacred purpose and walk with pride towards our full potential as human beings.

You will learn to explore the energy of Dreaming and bring inspiration, teachings and actions back into your daily life.

I will suggest that you live each day as a breath; in the morning, in the inspiration by connecting us to our inner world and our receptivity - meditations, individual and collective work with dreams, silent walks in nature-, and in the afternoon, in the exhalation, by creating in your unique way (writing, drawing, painting, painting, music, singing, dancing).

You will learn to go beyond the framework of non-communication, to defy your shyness and open yourself to the simplicity of sharing.

Bali Bohemia Huts

A magical place to welcome us

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