Here, you are in the space of a project being created!

Les Bonhommes is the journey of dreams to the physical manifestation.

These strange Beings from elsewhere form an alphabet of the creation process. Each is a note or one of the facets of consciousness that carries the necessary human qualities and challenges to our journey on Earth.

Based on the principle of balance, they are symmetrical and have both polarities of each energy. When flipping them over, the other polarity appears. Carried around the world for 3 years, they are imbued with the energies of the 5 continents.

As living beings, we choose - consciously or unconsciously - to experience life in our unique creative way. Everyone has different rhythms and ways of learning. Through the wisdom and energies of the Bonhommes, we can find the necessary assistance for both our individual and collective healing, face our fears and limitations and let our souls flourish towards the best of each for the greater good of all.