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Creative transformation

Free your creative nature and transform your relationships, your art, your work, your health


What is it?

Imagine letting out what you feel most alive in your heart by overcoming blockages, fears and conditioning.

Imagine rediscovering your sense of meaning, your power and your lightness of being.

Imagine being confident, acting on your intuition and walking towards your dreams

Imagine letting life flow through you without hindrance and expressing the beauty of everything you are in every aspect of your life.

The sessions

What if your questioning or the difficulty you encountered were a door and a creative challenge? A form of rebellion of your essence, - that intimate, fragile and stubborn part like life itself - that calls for a de-blowing? It can be a disease, a blockage, a refusal, a fear, a pattern of functioning that has been repeated for a long time in different forms.

The first step is to understand the underlying structures and codes of thought that create this reality. For a real and lasting change this understanding passes through all the planes of your being: the mind, the intellect, the heart, the energetic, physical body and even the heart of your cells. More than a change, it is a mutation where the course of your destiny changes.

From there, let go, dare, play! and find your joy again. Try, fall, start again, find the audacity to do something new with yourself, with your ideas, your heart and your steps, dream another direction, that of the being who has remembered who he is and has found his spirit of adventure.

Here, one of the forms that a session can sometimes take.

To make something new and highly lively, the exploration of dreams and the concrete actions to be taken are an integral part of the game.

These creative transformation sessions are for those who are ready to dive deep into themselves, face their shadows and take responsibility for what they create in their lives.


How does it work?

Sessions are done by skype or phone, in the comfort of your environment.


1 month, 4 sessions: 550 CHF

3 months, 12 sessions: 540 CHF/month x 3

6 months, 24 sessions: 520 CHF/month x 6

Single session

1h: 150 CHF


To get in touch for a session or for more information: