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The flight of the eagle

A process of creating reality for anyone who wants to change important aspects of their life.


What is it?

The Flight of the Eagle is a process of creating reality for anyone wishing to change important aspects of their life.

The process allows us to move on to another stage of consciousness, at your own pace, to deconstruct some of the fundamental beliefs that shape reality, to liberate our souls, our joy of being, our abundance, to identify and follow our life mission and enjoy the growth of our relationships with ourselves and others. To become awareness.

How does it work? 

Sessions are done by skype or phone, in the comfort of your environment.

One major session every two weeks, another session the following week - if necessary - to help you fly with grace in your new life flow.

In the periods between sessions, certain habits of thought, feeling, reaction and vision return after consciousness and understanding have already changed. Staying in touch to take stock, feel supported, explore a dream or express what is being experienced seems to me essential.

The sessions

We start from what you experience concretely in your daily reality (the difficulties encountered, repetitive patterns, blockages) in order to understand the underlying thought structures that create this reality. 

During the sessions, you consciously experience the recovery of vital energies and transformation, you feel liberation, contact with your soul and your deep desires. You contact your resources and change the course of your destiny.

The exploration of dreams and real actions are an integral part of the process.


This year marks a great change in energies from the previous two, where we have all, consciously or unconsciously, been invited to reassess our relationship to the energy of the Feminine. More solar, 2019 is dedicated to movement, openness to the world and creativity. It will highlight our ability to move forward without fear, to make projects and dreams come true in the world. So here is the Male's energy tour! A great year of dancing between these two creative energies in sight!

It is a bit like a concrete manifestation of what will have been made conscious and released over the past two years. 

We can thus expect to be tested on our inner-outward alignment and our coherence between meaning, thoughts, words and actions.  

This is a real call for creativity trust our artist-creator inside. Quite a program!



The Flight of the Eagle lasts 12 weeks. There will be two processes this year, adjusted for the pivotal periods of 2019: the Spring shift and the end of the cosmic year in Autumn. I will of course talk to you about this during the sessions.

Created around precise dates that take into account the forces at play to accompany your transformations as smoothly as possible, the sessions resonate with the rhythms and movements of the earth and sky.

Process 1


Process 2

The second Flight of the Eagle begins the full moon week of July 16 and ends the new moon week of September 28 with the St-Michel.


1100 CHF for 12 sessions (6 major sessions, 6 follow-ups if necessary) spread over 12 weeks. Payment in advance 

Payment in 3 installments: 3 x 400 CHF